We recognize that majority of the cooling needs in the healthcare industry occur at off-design conditions. That is why we offer specialized utilitarian Blood Bank Refrigerators (BBRs) to meet these needs. Our BBRs offer uniform performance at pathlabs and can be self-contained in indoor locations. We understand the critical nature of our client requirements and end-use. That is why we employ sophisticated CNC machines for achieving highest levels of quality and precision.  

  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Range

Polfrost BBRs are extremely versatile machines, offering an ideal solution for Blood cooling. Easily adaptable for pathlab and hospital applications with complete customisation options for accessories -

  • High Efficiency
    Designed for maximum efficiency in the real world, where 99% of the cooling season is spent at off-design conditions
  • Lowest possible Sound Levels
    Real time sound levels as low as 60 DBA.
  • Control Center
    Ensures optimum performance and easy operation.
  • Application Versatility
    In addition to air-conditioning duty, our screw Chillerss easily adapt to brine cooling, ice thermal storage, and heat pump.

Polfrost Blood Bank Refrigerators provide uniform cooling for all pathlab applications that require cooling of tested and untested blood. BBRs are completely self-contained and are designed for indoor installation. Each unit includes hermetic scroll compressors, a liquid evaporator, air cooled condenser, and a user-friendly, Microcomputer Control Center mounted on a rugged steel base.

  • High Efficiency
    Industry-leading design and off-design efficiencies.
  • Low Operating Costs
    Rugged design for low maintenance costs and a long design life.

Main Features

  • Operating temperature is fixed at ±4°C. The temperature is uniformly maintained within the interior cabinet with an accuracy of ±1°C. Regardless of ambient temperature fluctuations or defrosting time, the temperature is precisely controlled by a PI control & Pt-100 sensor.
  • Forced air circulation ensures even temperature distribution throughout the cabinet. The air circulation switches off automatically while the door is open.(Optional).
  • Digital temperature readout provides permanent indication of the chamber temperature.
  • The built in alarm system with audible and visual warning indicates exceeding of the high & low temperature alarm setting (±3°C and ±7°C) or power failure. A remote alarm contact allows connection to a central alarm system.
  • Due to large glass door and interior light source. The blood bags are clearly visible.
  • The unit features the ultimate door system, glass door, soft self –closing mechanism. Lock to prevent unauthorized access and inner acrylic doors for additional insulation leave nothing to be desired.
  • The cooling unit ensures silent operation free from vibration. An important demand for proper storage of cell-containing samples. The background noise is almost unperceptible.
  • The inventory system can be varied with shelves to hold storage baskets for blood bags.
  • Models PF-R-300L is equipped with drawers for quick access and clear arrangement. Each drawer has divides for 4 X 7 bags.
  • Stainless steel interior cabinet and drawers make the unit easy to clean and to disinfect.
  • The unit has been designed constructed in complete accordance with environment demands. The insulation is rigidly foamed –in place using puf.
  • The fully automatic defrosting and electric water evaporation allows continuous operation. If required of hygienic reasons thawing water can be drained.
  • The independent temperature recorder provides daily recording of the temperature reading for each month. Once fed. Paper lasts for one week/month.

Accessories Consumable / Optionals

  • Alarm
    • Alarm system with audible and visual warning operated by a rechargeable battery. To be placed at the unit or on any other place.
  • Central Alarm
    • Central alarm for more units with printer for temperature control and printout with monitoring of the alarm points.
  • PC Adaptability
    • Temperature control by PC and alarm indication. Serial interface output.
  • Storage modes
    • Stainless steel special racks with water repellent card board boxes.
  • Technical
    • Cabinet type
    • Climate class
    • Cooling type
    • Defrost mode
    • Refrigerant
    • Noise level
    • Air flow
  • Performance
    • Cooling performance (oC)
    • Temperature range (oC)
  • Controls
    • Controller)
    • Display
  • Electrical data
    • Power supply
    • Power
    • Electrical current
  • Dimensions
  •     Interior Dimensions [cm] Exterior Dimensions [cm]
    H 100 L 85 140
    W   50 70
    D   30 60
    H 200 L 100 160
    W   50 70
    D   45 75
    H 300 L 112 177
    W   59 79
    D   50 80
    H 350/400 L 120 185
    W   60 90
    D   57 97
    H 550 L 120 185
    W   70 90
    D   67 97
  • Functions
    • High/Low alarm
    • Remote alarm
    • Hot Condenser
    • Voltage Fluctuation alarm
    • Power failure
    • Low battery
    • Sensor failure
    • High ambient
    • Door ajar
  • Accessories
    • Castor
    • Foot
    • Testing hole
    • No. of shelves/inner doors
    • Temperature recorder
    • USB interface
    • CO2 backup
    • Racks & boxes
    • Optional

BBR Range and features varying according to range

  • Range
    • 90 ltrs
    • 200 ltrs
    • 450 ltrs
    • 600 ltrs

Total blood banking solutions

  • Cool and cold room solutions
  • For blood components
    • Centrifuge
    • Plasma Freezers
    • Platelet agitator and Incubator
    • Blood bag - Scale and Tube sealer
    • Thawing thermostat
    • Portable Refrigerator