Tailormade Cooling Equipment

Apart from routine & standard units Polfrost is capable of designing & manufacturing specialized refrigeration units and equipment, which are otherwise not entertained by large manufacturers also. To name a few, we have

  • Special -80oC batch type freezing machine, for automobile gear shrinking purpose, which otherwise may be liquid nitrogen cooled for contraction of gears so that the gearbox assembly can be done. Against freezing and assembling, the heating – expanding and assembling is a very old method and results in change in the properties of the material.
    • John Deer tractor gear shrinking with 50 gears/batch.
    • TELCO – Pune
    • PMP Auto – Satara
  • Taj – Sat [year 2006]: During the year 2006 due to heavy rains from 27th June, the whole of Mumbai was flooded. The flight kitchen of Taj Sat Coldroom located in the basement was submerged in the rains. We could do the work of flight kitchen complete renovation in 6 weeks from the date of starting the work and restore the facilities in required time.
  • We have been working for the entire group of Venkateshwara in their chicken, egg and poultry vaccine group for the last 15 years, committed to every cooling need they come across.
  • Specialized refrigeration cum heating unit for BARC equipped with glass doors for complete visibility of the samples incubating inside.
  • Blast Freezers
  • Modular Ductless Operation Theatre
  • Specialized AHUs for Pharma Industry

Many of the projects that we have successfully completed are to suit and match the needs of the customers are only examples of our understanding of the subject of refrigeration and ability to create specialized refrigeration for industrial refrigeration equipment.