At Polfrost, we manufacture Chillers that not only fulfill your business needs but are also environmentally viable. Chillers are integral components that enable multiple functions in industries that use central station air handling units, terminal units, or process applications. They are indispensable while producing a wide variety of products ranging from life-saving drugs and critical chemicals to cheese and chocolates. If you have a Chiller requirement, count on us. We are confident about exceeding your expectations.  

  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Range

Polfrost Air-cooled and Water-cooled Industrial Chillers are extremely versatile machines, offering an ideal solution for industrial and process cooling. Easily adaptable for wide range of applications such as pharmaceutical, brine cooling, process cooling, medical and paramedical applications for scanning machines, imaging systems, thermal management of CNC machines, ice thermal storage, and heat pump applications.

Polfrost scroll, reciprocating and screw chillers provide chilled water for all applications that use central station air handling units, terminal units or process applications. Chillers are completely self-contained and are designed for indoor installation. Each unit includes hermetic scroll compressors, a water-cooled/air-cooled chiller condenser, liquid evaporator and a user-friendly Control Center with advanced control and connectivity systems mounted on a rugged steel base.

Polfrost branded air-cooled chillers can utilize variable speed drive technology to deliver outstanding performance. The industrial design yields a reliable, long lasting operation for a variety of installations and applications.

  • High Efficiency
    Designed for maximum efficiency in the real world, where maximum hours of the cooling season are clocked at off-design conditions.
  • Lowest possible Sound Levels
    Extremely Low real time sound levels.
  • Polfrost Indegenous Control Panel
    Ensures optimum performance and easy operation.
  • Application Versatility
    Polfrost industrial chillers acclimatize comfortably to brine cooling, ice thermal storage, and pharmaceutical control processes.
  • Low Operating Costs
    Rugged design for low maintenance costs and a long design life.
  • Environment Friendly
    HFC-404a refrigerant has zero ozone-depletion potential and low total global-warming potential.
  • The HFC Refrigerant Advantage
    Positive pressure design eliminating requirements of purge unit, annual oil maintenance, filter changes, etc. No issues of refrigerant availability, no penalty on efficiency due to ingress of moisture or condensables in the system. High motor life.
  • Simple single stage design advantage
    Optimized designs. Very high efficiency.
  • Protects Temperature-Sensitive Applications
    In the event of a power failure, Polfrost chillers restart hassle free when emergency power is established.
  • Unloading advantage
    simple hydraulically operated inlet guide vane control, Movable discharge diffuser, ensuring excellent stability at low load condition, minimizes likelihood of surging at low load conditions Unloads to 10% of full load Thermostatic / Electronic Expansion Valve Superior refrigerant flow control over a range of operating conditions. Better control of suction superheat. Efficient operation at part loads compared to orifice plates / float devices.
  • The Reliability Advantage
    Highly energy efficient & reliability compressor design.

Polfrost Ultra Universal Series

Apart from positive temperature air-cooled industrial chillers, Polfrost has a knack in designing process chillers upto -65oC temperature with world class technology and components, controls and refrigerants to sustain stringent environmental clearances and long life of technology.

  • Guaranteed Ultra low temperature
    Polfrost chillers pledge to deliver the affirmed temperatures.
  • Ultra Precision Subcomponents
    Right from the screw to the scroll, from the structural elements to the brine, precision controls, suitable refrigerants, selection of right pumps, valves and materials is the real test of our skill, knowledge and exposure to the industry.
  • Tailor made units
    Polfrost has designed industrial chillers for automotive components in the ultimate technology of shrink fitting assembly of gearboxes where the gearbox is subjected to varying pressures and loads such as earth moving equipments, tractors and accessories to overcome the unsafe loads.

Primary chillers for low temperature first stage cooling in equipments such as freeze driers, ULT freezers and many specialised applications as per customer requirements.

Our medical and analytical range consists of small circulating baths, which are devised to achieve product specific results in very specific range of temperatures and flow rates, so that there is no excess or low circulation rate, precise temperature control over a long duration so that there is no variation over long trials of equipments under testing.

Model Capacity Operating Temp Tank Size
Compreesor Power Compreesor Current Noise Level Pump Flow Rate
UNS 1-15 4.9 Ambient to + 4 °C 40 1.72 3.19 > 50 15
UNS 2-21 7.1 Ambient to + 4 °C 40 2.53 4.37 > 50 20.1
UNS 3-26 9.4 Ambient to + 4 °C 40 2.78 4.76 > 50 26.6
UNS 4-29 11.7 Ambient to + 4 °C 40 3.23 5.42 > 50 33.3
UNS 5-45 14.5 Ambient to + 4 °C 80 4.72 7.91 > 50 43.8
UNS 6-58 22 Ambient to + 4 °C 80 6.11 11.4 > 50 62.6
UNS 7-76 26.3 Ambient to + 4 °C 80 8.04 14.83 > 50 84.1
UNS 8-95 34.1 Ambient to + 4 °C 100 11.5 15.8 > 50 98
UNS 9-114 43.3 Ambient to + 4 °C 100 12.35 24.18 > 50 123
UNS 10-120 48.7 Ambient to + 4 °C 100 13.04 28.19 > 50 150
UNS 11-130 64.4 Ambient to + 4 °C 100 14.08 32.8 > 50 196
UNS 12-145 71 Ambient to + 4 °C 100 16.5 38.7 > 50 215

Pump Preesue depending upon the selection of secondery pump

The above capacities sre worked with consideration of + 40°C

Chiller Range and features varying accordingly

Polfrost Chillers can be made according to specific customer requirements, based on four basic criteria

  • Temperature – Ranging from +15oC to – 40oC
    • Universal Series - Ambient to 4oC
    • Low Universal Series - 4oC to -20oC
    • Ultra Universal Series - Specialised chillers from -20oC to -40oC available on request as per process needs
  • Capacity – Comfortably customizable according to customer needs or requirements
    • Standard Chillers Upto 71 kW (20TR)
      • Specialised Chillers of higher capacities customized according to needs
  • Media / Circulation
    • Water
    • Brine
  • Compressor type
    • Reciprocating
    • Scroll
    • Screw
  • Condenser type
    • Air Cooled
    • Water Cooled (Above 50kW)