Polfrost to the rescue of Automobile Industry


To design a ULT freezer for an automobile giant, for their own gear-manufacturing unit, to deep freeze the gears, pinions and other assembly sub parts to the core, at -70oC. They needed a ULT, which could completely sub cool within short reasonable time a set of gears produced in one batch, to be sub-cooled within 2 hours and be sent for assembly.


After calculating the heat load calculations, we had all our facts and figures in mind and we anticipated a successful understanding of the client’s needs and requisites. Accordingly, after a fruitful meeting and fine discussion with the engineers, we could produce a design, worthy enough of the client’s high needs and expectations.

Environment friendly, sustainable for changes in the technology in time to come & lasting for at least next 2 decades.


We created a completely modified version of the ULT that we make as our standard product, especially for them to accommodate the mechanical parts as per their design sizes and to achieve uniform cooling. The cooling had to reach the core of the heavy metal component, within 2 hours and hence, it needed a better and more viscous flow. Plus, a normal chest type ULT would not serve their needs, as it would keep the first batch produced, at the bottom, and hence a very cumbersome removal process, from the freezer. Also, a vertical ULT would again mean insufficient airflow, to cool the batch within 2 hours.

Hence, Polfrost engineers and technicians, together, designed a drawer type chest freezer, which had four drawers to accommodate four batches of gears produced and with an increased efficiency for deep freezing.

To handle the product with safety, convenience and to avoid injuries because of cold burns @ -70; 5 drawers with 10 gear rings to handle them in sequential & in batch manner.

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